• The South Zone Tour is open only to those girls/boys who are amateur golfers and are resident of India and hold a SZ Tour Card.
  • To obtain a Tour Card (TC) a Junior / Sub Junior golfer needs to register with the Tour Commissioner by providing:
    • Proof of age (Birth Certificate / Passport/ certificate from a recognized school)
    • Pay the yearly Tour Registration Fee of Rs.1500/- (Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred only).
  • It is mandatory to submit the Handicap Certificate from your Home Club. Handicap Certificates from coaches will not be accepted.


  • All registration for the South Zone Junior Golf tour is now through the website www.szjuniorgolf.in . 2017 Tour Registration fees of Rs. 1500 must be paid by all those who wish to play any tournaments on the Tour before the tournament begins.
  • Players will have to register in person before 12:00 hours on the day of the practice round at the Tournament Venue.


  • The entry fee for each tournament is Rs. 1500/-
  • Entries will be accepted on the Website and payment should be made prior to close of Registration at the Tournament Venue.
  • A player may withdraw his/her entry by sending an email / SMS or calling the Tour Commissioner prior to close of Registration.


  • The Tournament shall be conducted in Stroke Play format in accordance with The R&A Rules and Local Rules of Golf as approved by the R&A and shall consist of following rounds.

  • Category A, B, C and D (Boys and Girls) - 36 holes (2 days x 18 holes).
  • Category E (Boys and Girls) - 18 holes (2 days x 9 holes).

    A 09 Under 18 (Should not have reached their 18th birthday on the last day of the Tournament)
    B 12 Under 15 (Should not have reached their 15th birthday on the last day of the Tournament)
    C 18 Under 13 (Should not have reached their 13th birthday on the last day of the Tournament)
    D 30 Under 11 (Should not have reached their 11th birthday on the last day of the Tournament)
    E 36 Under 9 (Should not have reached their 9th birthday on the last day of the Tournament)


  • Group A & B will use the Championship Tees
  • Group C will use the Men's regular Tees
  • Group D will use the ladies Tee
  • Group E will use the special forward Tees.
  • Girls will play from the same Tees as the Boys in their Age Group.


  • Category A and B Junior Boys are not permitted the use of caddies during the Tournament. They can however use hand pulled trolley which must NOT be powered.
  • Category A and B Junior Girls are permitted the use of caddies during the Tournament.
  • Tournament Director may at his discretion permit use of caddies for Categories A and B keeping in mind the topography of the Golf Course and weather conditions.
  • In such cases where Caddies are permitted, there will not be any restrictions on who may be the Caddy & Club Rules, if any, apply.


  • One practice round one day prior to the tournament will be allowed. Juniors will have to ensure that they do not hold any group(s) that are following them. Bunkers to be raked and only one ball to be played. It is Mandatory for all Players to carry their divot / sand bags.


  • The following dress code shall be strictly followed by the participants:
    • Cap/Hat/Visor/ must be removed in the clubhouse.
    • Sports Shirts: With Collar/Polo Neck and with Sleeves (Shirts must be tucked into trousers / shorts).
    • Trousers/Short Pants (Jogging /Tennis/ boxing /football/beach/cargo shorts are not permitted).
    • Golf shoes/keds/trainers. Metal spikes not permitted. (Rubber slippers/chappals are not permitted in the clubhouse).
    • Denim Jeans/shorts and track suits / training sets are positively not permitted.
  • Players must be properly attired as above during the practice and tournament rounds as well as when practicing on the driving range and putting green.
  • The participants will ensure that the dress regulation as laid down by the host club is strictly followed.


  • Each player, on joining the Tour, will be issued a Competitors ID Badge, which should be clearly displayed on his/her person when in the clubhouse and on the golf bag when on the golf course. Failure to do so will be viewed seriously.


  • It is mandatory for all players to attend the "Rules Clinic" that will be held on the day of the practice round.
  • The Clinic Timings will be intimated at the Registration Desk at the venue.


  • The Rules of Golf as published by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and the local rules of the host golf club will govern play.
  • Questions shall be settled by the Tournament Committee whose decision shall be final.


  • The Tournament Committee will be the sole authority to interpret the Conditions of the Competition and to give decisions on any query which may arise out of them.
  • Any matter not covered under the conditions of play will be decided by the Tournament Committee and their decision shall be final.
  • In the event of any Round/Rounds being cancelled due to inclement weather or for any other reason, the Tournament Committee shall determine the action to be taken.


  • The Tee Times for the day 1 will be posted on the Website & the Club Notice Board by 14:00 hrs on the day of practice round.
  • The First days draw will be Group wise.
  • The draw for the 2nd day will be as per the scores.
  • The draw for Group A & B will be combined as per the scores for the 2nd round.


  • Each player will be assigned as "marker" to record the score of another player in the same group. However, the player is responsible for the correctness of the scores recorded on his/her score card.
  • Each player shall record the scores of the player being marked as well as his/her own score AFTER EACH HOLE PLAYED.
  • After completion of the round, the player shall:
    • Check his/her hole by hole score for accuracy
    • Settle any doubtful points with the Committee
    • Ensure that his marker has signed his Card.
    • Counter-sign the card himself, and
    • Return the card to the Recorder as soon as possible.


  • The Tournament Committee consisting of club representative(s) and IGU Official(s) will be formed by the Tournament Director.
  • The Tournament Committee will have the sole discretion to interpret the conditions for the competition and to give decisions on any query / ruling / disputes arising during the Tournament.
  • Any matter not covered under the conditions of play will be decided by the Committee and their decision shall be final and binding on all the participants. The Tournament Director reserves the right to fix / alter starting times. In the event of any Round(s) being cancelled due to inclement weather or for any other reason, the Tournament Director shall assess the situation and take a decision which shall be binding on all the participants.


  • There are 8 tournaments on the South Zone Junior Tour. Any best 5 performances will be considered for the Order of Merit List with a maximum of 15 from each zone. Points will be awarded upto 20 positions and distribution is given below.

    Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Points 100 70 50 40 35 30 25 20 15 10
    Position 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
    Points 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

  • In the event of a "TIE" for any place other than the 1st, the combined points for the places involved will be equally divided.
  • The Merit List will be based on the points accumulated for the current Tour Year starting with the 1st tournament of the tour Calendar published on the website. Therefore all players will start the year with "0" points and points will not be carried over to the next year.
  • A special award, THE SZ CHAMPION GOLFER OF THE YEAR, will be presented to the player who tops the Merit List at the end of the 10 Tournament season in each category.
    • The player with the most number of points accumulated will be eligible for this award ONLY if he/she participates in THE SAME AGE GROUP IN AT LEAST 7 (seven) of the 10 tournaments conducted.
    • If the highest ranked player has not participated in the minimum of 7 tournaments, the award will go to the next ranked player who has participated in the minimum required tournaments.
  • A player moving from one age group to another during the year will still have to play 7 tournaments in their respective age group to be eligible for the award. Therefore, a player is at liberty to voluntarily go to the higher group category even before he/she reaches the age qualification for the higher group. The player needs to inform the Tour Commissioner in writing about his/her intent on doing so. However, once a player has opted to go to a higher category and plays a tournament in that category, he/she will not be permitted to revert to his/her actual age group.
  • Playing in Higher Category (Junior Boys and Girls)
    Any player(s) from Category C who wish to participate in a higher Category of B can do so by applying in writing to the Indian Golf Union, 15 days prior to the event, provided he/she meets the handicap criteria of the higher category. If the player wishes to revert to the original category, then, he/she is required to apply in writing, to the Indian Golf Union and at the discretion of the Championship Committee, will be allowed to revert, from the third event there after (irrespective of the calendar year) provided he/she still meets the age and handicap criteria for that Category.


  • Prizes will be awarded for each tournament to the top three players in each age group.
  • Players in Group B will automatically compete for Group A prizes.
  • Different prizes in each Group will be awarded to girl participants provided that a minimum of 5 girls participate in that group.
  • If there are less than 5 entries in any age group the Committee may, at its absolute discretion, award less than 3 prizes for that group.


  • The Tournament Committee will take cognizance of a complaint on a player made by a fellow competitor, referee, marker, observer, member of the gallery etc. provided it is in writing.
  • The Tournament Committee shall give the player an opportunity to present his/her version of the incident(s) prior to making a decision.
  • The Tournament Committee, in consultation with the Tour Commissioner, shall decide on the punishment to the player which shall not exceed disqualification.
  • The Tournament Committee shall then inform the Disciplinary Committee of the SZRC of the IGU regarding the details of the case and the action taken thereon. Any incident so reported will be recorded in the dossier of the player.
  • The Disciplinary Committee of the SZRC of the IGU shall then decide the additional penalty and any other action to be taken which would depend on the gravity of the offence.
  • The Disciplinary Committee of the SZRC of the IGU reserves the right to penalize the offending players with bans for periods of time or bans on number of tournaments etc.
A player that has been observed behaving in a manner unbecoming of a golfer including but not limited to; swearing, throwing golf clubs or any other act which may be tantamount to an act contrary to laid down rules and regulations of golf etc. shall;
  • In the 1st instance on the Tour be warned.
  • In the 2nd instance on the Tour be Disqualified from the Tournament.
  • In the 3rd instance on the Tour be banned for the next 5 Tournaments.
  • In the 4th instance on the Tour be banned from the Tour for 1 year.
The following acts in the clubhouse or on the course will be treated as grade 2 unbecoming conduct;
  • Physical confrontation/coming to blows between players or between a player and an official /member of the gallery,
  • Smoking/alcohol consumption/ consumption of banned substances (drugs)
  • consumption of performance enhancing drugs,
  • and shall be penalized
    1. In the 1st instance on the Tour be disqualified from the tournament and be banned for the next 5 Tournaments.
    2. In the 2nd instance on the Tour be banned from the Tour for 2 years
If it is proved that the player has cheated; i.e. having knowingly and willingly breached the Rules of Golf for the sole purpose of improving his/her score /position / ranking:
  • In the 1st instance on the Tour be disqualified from the Tournament and be banned from the Tour for 1 year.
  • In the 2nd instance on the Tour, the Junior may be banned from the Tour for a period upto 3 years.


  • Players must not make use of any drug to enhance performance. Should a player show evidence of use of a drug for nontherapeutic purpose, the Committee may require the player to undergo a drug test. Any player infringing this Condition may be disqualified. Players who are on medication and in doubt as to their clinical status should seek advice from the APGC.
  • Smoking/drinking of liquor/consumption of banned substances (drugs) is prohibited at all times during the period of the tournament.
  • Competitor shall not knowingly make use of any drug to enhance his/her performance.


  • Use of mobile phone or any electronic gadget is not allowed during the stipulated round of golf during the tournament. Use of the mobile phone will be under supervision and in an emergency viz. to call the Referee etc.


  • There will be four Zonal finals, each a four day event. (One Event per Zone) preceded by a Practice Round (Cat A, B and C Boys will play 72 Holes and Cat A, B and C Girls will play will play 56 Holes. Cat D Boys and Girls will play 36 Holes with a practice round )
  • Top 6 players per Zonal OOM of Cat A and Cat B each to participate (Total 48 players) for making the exempt list for the IGU National Junior Tour of Cat A and Cat B boys for 2013
  • Top 4 boys and Top 3 girls per Zonal OOM of Cat C and Cat D each to participate (Total 56 Players) for making the National OOM.
  • The Zonal finals will also be open to those players who do not make the Top 30 in Cat A and Cat B boys in the National IGU Junior tour of 2012 (Approx 25-30)
  • First round cut will be applied for higher scores and the actual cut will be applied after Day 2 on 50% of the field of Day 2 plus Ties
  • Some slots will be reserved at the discretion of the IGU.
  • Best 3out of 4 Events will be taken for making the Exempt List of Top 15 Boys each of Cat A and Cat B (Total 30 Players) for the IGU National Junior Tour of Boys for 2013 and for making the National Ranking of Cat C and Cat D Boys and Girls.


The SZ Tour shall make all efforts to ensure the safety, but shall under no circumstances be held responsible for any injury to the player, the players parents/guardians, members of the gallery, or loss or damage to their equipment and belongings.

A player, by virtue of joining the SZ Tour and obtaining his/her Tour Card, agrees and undertakes to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Tour and to accept any decision by the Tournament Committee / Disciplinary Committee of the SZRC of the IGU, as final and binding on all parties concerned.

The IGU's Conditions of the Tournament and Local Rules as attached hereunder shall be complied with at the Tournaments of the Tour.